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Still not dead - Pawprints

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November 6th, 2012

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09:43 am - Still not dead
Yeap. Still here. However.

- This seems to be the year of head injuries, like a couple of years ago I kept hurting the same wrist. Nothing major this time, although I still get vertigo at odd times. And this does wonders with my eye-straining. I can't sit on the computer for long, watch TV, go to the movies or drive. And I REALLY need to go to IKEA sometime soon. The rascals have left me few cups and mugs to drink from. (And yes, I know I can get those elsewhere, but there were some designs I really liked there...). Oh well.

- Spitha might not have cancer after all. In a moment of despair inspiration I gave her a remedy for abscesses, and that damned tumor opened up and emptied a ton of disgusting stuff. It's not healed yet, but I'm hopeful. Of course, this might have been resolved sooner, if that darned cat cooperated to be taken to and examined by the vet. *fumes*

- Sold two more stories, but those were both written last year (more on that later). My 2012 wordcount in total is pathetically low, and I didn't even log into the NaNo site this year.

- My connection woes proved to be due to the apartment's wiring. There's only one telephone outlet that works now, and I need to get the electrician here to replace the rest. Well, I guess I didn't *have* to eat this month... *grunt*

However, today, my biggest frustration is that I want to vote for Obama and I can't because I'm European.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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Date:November 6th, 2012 11:15 pm (UTC)
*hug* Glad to read your news, was getting worried since you haven't answered my texts!:/

Glad to hear Spitha's news, here's to that abcess breaking being the end of the little one's troubles!!:)

Take care of yourself, my dear one, getting your head bumped time after time can't be good, please be careful!*pokes and hugs more*

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