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June 28th, 2010

08:38 pm - Finally
I'm in my new home and I have my Internet back. Kittehs are confused. More later, hopefully with photos.
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June 12th, 2010

06:43 pm

Still no Internets.

Still in the old place. If all goes well, I'll move sometime around the 21st, and my connection should return a few days after that. *bouncy*

Kittehs are fine, but I think they're already suspecting something is about to happen...

In the meantime, for everyone who feels like reading, my short story Psychopomp is now online in Expanded Horizons.

I hope everyone is well, since I have several pages of FList posts to catch up with, and I don't know when I will...
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May 6th, 2010

06:48 pm - The good, the bad, and the painful

There's a long, bitter political rantbrewing inside my head, but I'll let it simmer a while. :/

Meanwhile, some news:

The Good: I just received payment for my consultant/editing job for a new homeopathy software program, and boy it was good! Plus I just got off the phone with the project's boss, and they want me for a pretty much permannent position. Cool. :)

The Bad: Starting tomorrow, I can haz no Internets. At least until I move to my new home, because there's quite some paperwork involved and there will be a whole new package and set-up. Argh! However, I still get the occasional free wireless wifi, and I got myself one of those "on the go" sticks to use on a limited basis.

The Painful: Mister Lovebird, my paralyzed birdie, died last night. The vet had speculated that it might have been a stroke, but I have no way of knowing. Poor guy. However, Mrs. Lovebird doesn't seem affected a lot. I thought about getting her a new mate, but we'll see.
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April 11th, 2010

04:26 pm - Update

I hope everyone had a nice Easter vacation or spring break or past couple of weeks. Here, not so much.

- Health: About twenty days ago, I stupidly bumped my head against a glass door. It was the classic comedy incident, where a clueless loser just misses the closed door. Well, after the initial embarrassment, I tried to put it behind me. Only the next day, the headaches started and continued for a whole week. Painkillers did nothing, but I was lucky with some homeopathic remedies. Then on the Thursday before the Good Friday, I started seeing double. Hello, ER. I haven't missed you at all. I had an emergency CT scan and it turned out that I had a tiny bruise on my frontal lobe, but no swelling. They wanted to admit me, but I'm never spending one more night in a hospital, if I can help it. So I went home.

Luckily, now that I knew what was wrong, I managed to pick the right remedy and the headaches stopped. My eyesight was a bit more sensitive to the PC screen until Sunday, so I limited my computer time, much to the surprise of the kittehs who were treated to extra cuddle time in front of the TV. And my fluffball angel Lugh kept napping on my head, purring at road construction mode. I have no doubt he was trying to heal my, my baby.

- Computer: On the afternoon of Easter Sunday, my PC decided to cut all ties with my second hard disc. As in, we don't know it at all. My writing was safely stored elsewhere and backed up, but I had stored all my cat photos there, and all my games. *sigh* Perhaps it was a sign from the Universe to stop playing and start writing more.

Only, two days later, my AWOL drive came back on its own. Then vanished again. And came back again. And I can't take it to the shop, because of maintainance at the subway lines and no way I'm taking the bus there (an hour's journey at least) with the PC along. I'll wait until they're open again.

Cats: Two of my girls are in heat. The boys are trying their best, but being neutered and all, they can't keep yp on them. I don't want to take them to the vet just yet, because if I'm going to move in May, I don't want them to develop a fear for the carrier. Miss Pikachu is aleady freaking out as it is.

But I might have to put Mister Kitten under the knife. There's a chance that his breathing issues are hernia-related, instead of heart-related. Meaning, he might need major surgery to rearrange his internal organs. Oh how fun. D: I'm taking him tomorrow for an x-ray, so we'll know.

House hunting: Blah stab. I've seen quite a few appartments, and my mother has some communications system failure. She's pushing me towards one appartment, which is fine, but doesn't cover my current needs. The one I liked, which is a bit away but still within reasonable distance, has that HUGE balcony, a cool room for my office and even a back, sunny room for the birds. Heck, it has a fireplace as well. We'll see. I'll call her tommorow, after I'm done with Mister Kitten's vet visit, because I don't want to be distressed before that.

Writing: Surprisingly, there has been some progress here as well. I've sent in my WotW and Q2 WOTF stories, edited and sent out two more, and now I'm editing a fifth, while I've been obsessively checking my inbox over the past week or so. Once I'm done with that edit, I'll finally be able to focus to two older, half-written stories that are very dear two my heart.

If my hard drive cooperates, there will be kitty pic spam shortly.
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March 21st, 2010

09:20 am - Update after a week of miserable

This past week has been pretty much miserable. This line sums it up:

I can haz menopaws nao? ("Menopaws" shamelessly stolen from [info]vulgarweed ).

A cold that should otherwise be nothing remarkable developed claws and fangs under the influence of PMS and things went downhill from there. Until Friday, I could barely get out of bed, or do anything much. Even looking at the PC screen hurt my eyes.

Of course, one of the cats HAD to be sick as well. So I packaged Luna, who kept howling all the way to the vet's as though I was rolling her into a barrel full of spikes instead of carrying her into her comfy, padded, clean carrier. Later that day, with two teeth removed, she howled all the way back and every time anyone even stared at her when we got home. Now, of course, she's back to normal.

ETA: and how could I forget this? Mister Kitten, my boy with heart issues, who's also a semi-longhaired cat, managed to, um, soil his behind. So I had to wash him. Washing a cat with heart issues and almost non-stop panting is SCARY. Fortunately, all is good (and clean) now.

Moreover, Miss Pikachu decided it was a good idea to keep pawing the computer cords. More specifically, the cord that connects the PC to the wall plug. O hai thar, power outage! Where art thou, my missing files? PC took the kitty pawing for a command to rearrange an assortment of files, and I had to spend most of Friday trying to sort things out.

Health-wise, I'm somewhat better now, but I had to spend most of Saturday cleaning up my cat-sty. The horde saw my sick time as an opportunity to run amok. *sigh* And I'm still not done yet.

Writing? What writing?
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March 2nd, 2010

10:42 am - Still alive...

It's annoyingly warm. I suppose it's spring already, but winter wasn't that cold anyway. Poor tortoises are confused. 

Meanwhile, I think that my new website is ready to be made public:  


The links are still WIP. But I intend to blog there too. On stuff other than cats. Really.

Suggestions and linkage welcome. :)

On other news, a few good things (and one frustrating) have happened here.

 - My latest remedy seems to be working. Not ready to run a marathon yet, but I'm not crawling anymore.

 - I think I found a house, or, rather, a penthouse apartment.  I went to see it on Friday, and it's HUGE. It also has awesome balconies all around, doors that actually close, cabinets, a fireplace, even a sunny storage room where I can turn to a bird (and laundry) room. It needs a paint job and some minor repairs, but the price is reasonable. The only downside is that it's a 15-20 min. walk from my current place, and that will make it tough to check on my stray kitties on a daily basis.

But I think I'd be happy there. We'll see.

- Writing is going well. More slowly than I'd like, but tortoise pace is better than no pace at all. 
- The frustrating part: two of my calicos went into heat.

First, it was Miss Picachu, who's about 20 months old now. Okay, fine, time to go to the vet's. Or not. Poor kitten freaked out so much when she suspected that I was planning something for her, that she started running the length of the house howling, hiding behind furniture, and generally being totally terrified of me. I managed to catch her and give her a remedy and she calmed down a bit. I gave her another dose the next morning and now she's back to normal, and has totally forgot about the joys of boys.

And then my foster kitten, Miss Plumps McFlufferson, who's less than THREE months old, thought it a good idea to go into heat. And I'm like, WTF? Kitten, you're WAY too young to go seduce the boys. She's supposed to go to her new home on Wednesday, and I don't know what will happen to her there, because it's a farm, and stray cats come and go.

Stay tuned for kitten pic spam. :)

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February 18th, 2010

05:48 pm - Anyone still reading this?

I've been down with the flu again. The kittehs insist that it was because I went to the movies about ten days ago, and got caught in pouring rain on my way home.  Instead of, say, staying home scratching their bellies and staying wet.

PMS on top of the cold didn't help. Neither did a pressing submission deadline I failed to meet because I kept sneezing on the keyboard and PC screen.

Anyway, I'm almost back to normal now, the weather is very spring-like (20C, WTF?) and I'm determined to have my new website up by tomorrow. So if any of you have blogs or websites you'd like me to link to, drop me a line. Just keep in mind that it's a writing website, so I'd prefer writing-related links.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday. Go buy me gifts. Yes, we cats are shameless like that. ;)

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December 11th, 2009

05:04 pm - *sigh*
Thank you all for your good thoughts regarding my sick little kitten. He still has no official name, but he feels like Garfield to me. If only he had his namesake's appetite... But he's stable, spends most of his days napping on me or the couch, and tags along when the others are playing.

However, now *I* am sick again. Some stupid flu-thingy. Nothing serious, just lots of annoying, and it makes it hard to focus on any mental work, including writing, editing or even critting.

I hate that part of winter. :/
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November 12th, 2009

05:35 pm - Update
Nothing significant to report since the last time.

- Cats: The rascals are fine, "helping" me write by forming piles on my desk chair and refusing to move. Madame Persikat is also well, but still lives outside on my balcony. Hopefully the others will get used to her before the real cold starts.

- NaNo/Writing: I'm catching up. The two short stories that popped up in my head are finished, and perhaps now the Muse will let me focus on my novel. Because the Mews won't. *sigh* See icon.

- House-hunting: Apparently, my mother knows several people in the area, because she grew up here and went to school here, and this includes owners of houses that are about to get into the market. And one of them is on the same block with my current building, but has a little garden and is very close to my idea of a dream house. Fingers crossed that I'll soon get some good news here.

Off to continue with my NaNo now. Just another 300 words for today...
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November 5th, 2009

08:25 am - Update of sorts
Many thanks for your support regarding my last post. I'm fine, and thankfully the cats are fine too. No sign of illness, save for a few litterbox accidents, that are not alarming, just NaNo-distracting. *sigh*

NaNo isn't going well. I've been writing on a daily basis, but averaging around 500-600 words per day, which isn't enough. A lot of my desk time is spent shooing the rascals off my desk. Plus I was annoyed because my Internet connection was ridiculously slow. Guess what I discovered when I checked the cords? *glares at kittens* Teeth marks. Thankfully I had a spare cord handy, and now we're back to normal.

On the brighter side, I found a historical context for one of my shorts set in ancient Egypt while checking on a minor detail in Wikipedia for my novel. But that will have to wait for Editing December. Plus I had another idea for a short, and I may attempt writing this and adding that wordcount to my NaNo count. *cheatcheatcheat*

Off to do laundry and chores now, and hopefully I'll be able to spent the afternoon writing peacefully.
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October 20th, 2009

03:32 pm - Update of sorts
A spec of good news: I just received in the mail my COOL and AWESOME certificate of my WOTF Honorable Mention. *purr* And the coordinating people were cool and sent me back my SASE, untouched, so I can use it again elsewhere.

But things weren't as good in the kittehs front.

- Earlier today, I found my cripplekitten's stray brother dead. He was such a good boy, playing with his older littermates and friendly to all the other strays that it broke my heart.

- And I have another foster cat. Not here, but at my mothers, who's bitching non-stop about it. Poor rescued girl is a short-haired grey Persian (I think they're called Exotic), and I hope someone's looking for her. Poor girl is very thin, very hungry and thirsty, she's limping from her right foreleg, but nothing visible (possibly a sprain). She's also flea-ridden and her teeth are awful. Her left upper fang is broken at the gum line, and she's missing several more teeth. If it weren't for her teeth, I'd think she's around six months old, but her teeth look like a much older cat's. *sigh* But she has the most gorgeous whiskers I've ever seen. And she's generally calm and quiet, and purrs non-stop when she sees me.

I'll take her to the vet tomorrow for a check up, and ask if he has seen this cat before. Perhaps there's indeed someone out there looking for her.
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October 15th, 2009

06:03 pm

As I type this, Miss CripleKitten stands at the corner of my PC, watching in fascination what goes on on the screen. And she managed to climb on my desk on her own. Little rascal. *smooches*

- Life: I have the flu. Most likely, not A flu, but THE flu. I've been mildly sick for ten days now, but nothing that homeopathy didn't clear, at least on a 80-90% level. However, I was at my hospital last week for some unrelated paperwork, people were getting tested, and they offered to get me tested as well (for free). Well, duh. As they told me today, my test game back positive, but so close to the limit that it might have been a false positive. However, since I had already treated myself homeopathically, I'm suspecting that it wasn't false at all - just "on its way out".

- Cats: Gandalf had a bad ear infection, pus, discharges and all. For 36 hours he sat miserably hissing and growling at everyone, trying to claw even me, until I realized it was his ear. Aaaand another win for homeopathy. Two hours after I managed to give him the remedy (and I have the scars to show for it), he was back to his former self. Two days later I took him to the vet for a check up, everything was normal. His ear included. *purr*

- More homeopathy: A friend's dog (the friend who adopted Calypso last year) had typhus. Please note the past tense: had. Now he doesn't, after another successful homeopathic treatment. (And needless to say I was terrified that I might mess up, because it's a deadly disease. And my friend forgot to call me to tell me the good news. They all forget when it's good news. *sigh*)

- Work: There's good chance I'll work with my vet as a homeopathy consultant. I'm not entirely sure of how this will work out, since he's not very open to alternative medicine, but we'll see.

- Writing: Not much on the submission front. Not a peep. Come on, guys! Let me know what's going on with my submissions! On the other hand, I managed to flash at LH this past weekend and complete a long overdue short story. That one needs work, and turned out loner and darker that I had planned, but we'll see.

And I'll leave you with a cute kitten photo: Jasmin has adopted the kittens, who are almost her size by now. Those are the girls with her in the photo. Mr. Kitten is elsewhere, and up to no good, most likely.

Kitten Pile under the cutCollapse )

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September 27th, 2009

05:11 pm - Um, yes, I'm still here

And I just realized I haven't updated here in a while.

Life: I decided to finally buy a house in the area. It's a big building, with ground and first floor, a small garden in the back, a back balcony overseeing that garden, a cellar and a small storage/laundry room above the first floor. It comes in a good price, but it's an old building and will need tons of restoration. Nothing is set yet, and I'll go to see it within the week along with my brother, but I'm leaning towards buying it. I'm a bit apprehensive regarding loans for the restoration work, but I don't want to wait ten more years to move to a house I really like. And I hate my current flat.

Work: Come 2010, I'll start working with my homeopath in a Health Center he's putting together, since he plans to retire and is in the process of passing on his patients to the new generation. Which is a very good thing for me, because he has a good reputation, lots of patients and I'll be an independent contractor/consultant, which means good things regarding my taxes.

Writing: What writing? Some revising, three major WIP stories, some novel outlining, but nothing significant. I've been really stressed with the whole house situation to be able to focus. And I just realized I have no decent entry for WOTF Q4. Where did September go?

Submission front: Nothing. Nada. No sale, no rejection, not a peep in September. This silence is getting on my nerves.

Cats: Yeap, saving the best for last. The rascals are generally well, frisky and mischievous. And it should b safe to assume by now that the kittens won't be getting anywhere. They are already four months old, and I've had no offers for adoption. And I'll leave you with some kitten pic spam:

Jasmin has adopted the kittens. Here she is cuddling with Mr. Kitten, also known as Rigolleto:

I can haz hugz?Collapse )

And here Jasmin is cuddling with Pulsatilla, my tabby girl and Esmeralda, our three-legged tortie, who's one of the gang now.

Moar hugz plzCollapse )

Clockwise kittens, With Nedjemet in the center. BTW, Nedjemet will only respond to the name Picachu now. Go figure. And the rest, starting from the white & ginger boy and going clockwise:

White & ginger boy: Phoebus, a friend's cat who's staying with us because his house burned down in the recent wildfires. He's BFF with Esmeralda now.

Dark tabby: Pulsatilla

Calico: Daizy

Lighter tabby: Kanella (= cinnamon in Greek).

Clockwise kittehsCollapse )

Stay tuned for more kitten pic spam within the week. ;)

And now off to catch up with Flist reading...
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