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…and look what the cat dragged in. A writer who forgot… - Pawprints

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September 19th, 2015

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09:05 pm

…and look what the cat dragged in.

A writer who forgot how to write. And now struggles to remember.

Thankfully, although I took a long break from writing, I didn’t take a break from reading, so everything came back to me after a while. Jumping right in with Liberty Hall’s Flash Challenges every weekend helped a lot too.

The difficult part came when it was time (at long last) to ship stories out to magazines. See, my old PC, where I wrote everything until this past February, sits alone at home in the company of my poor neglected kitties. Everything I wrote or edited since February was done at the bf’s home, on my new laptop, and its unfortunate predecessor, who didn’t survive its second motherboard transplant. On this new laptop I have no Microsoft Office and, given the situation here, I don’t think I can afford to buy a copy any time soon. So, I have to work on Libre Office. Which is fine, as far as writing goes.

And then comes the time to format the story to Standard Manuscript Format.

Ohai thar, my old pal Headache. And I see you’ve brought your cousin Migraine along.

Not only had I totally forgotten how to do that in MS Word, everything in this new software is located elsewhere. The first time I tried to format a story to send it out, and mere hours before the deadline at that (it was the cat’s fault I was late, really. No, really) it took me two and a half hours to do what I used to do in ten minutes tops.

Le headdesk.

Le sigh.


I think the best way to wrap up this attempt to revive this poor neglected blog is to mention about two of my stories that were published during my long absence, and both very dear to my heart.

The first one is “What now, Callisthenes?”, published in the Triangulation: Morning After anthology. Written in second person POV, an experiment that apparently worked, this story deals with a popular Greek legend regarding the fate of Thessalonike, the sister of Alexander the Great. It was one of the recommended stories in Tangent Online’s 2012 list, and had an awesome review in Future Fire.

The other one is still very dear to my heart: “Ouroboros”, in the Other Half of the Sky anthology. There’s too much I can tell about this one that it requires its own post, and the anthology’s editor, Athena Andreadis, has my eternal gratitude for believing in the story.

I have four more stories lined up for publication, but each of them will have its own post, once I know more about the specifics.

Well. It’s good to be back. So I guess now I can go and gawk at the open document and the unfinished story I’m supposed to be working on.

It is, of course, the cat’s fault.

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(6 purrs pet a kitten)


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Date:September 20th, 2015 01:55 am (UTC)
Good for you!
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Date:September 21st, 2015 03:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks. *purr*

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